Pop-In Breast Pads - 3 Pairs (6pcs) in mesh bag

Pop-In Breast Pads - 3 Pairs (6pcs) in mesh bag
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Unlike many other reusable breast pads, ours are shaped to fit the natural contours of the breast, improving the fit and reducing the chance of visible lines.  Our unique ‘seal to skin’ binding helps keepthe pad in place but also reduces any chance of leaking, even when the pad is full,giving you peace of mind to just enjoy your day.

The pad is incredibly slim and is made up of three layers; next to the breast a fast-wicking polyester that takes away the wetness from the skin, inside, the absorbent core is soya bean fabric, well known for its natural absorbency, softness and thermo-regulating properties and lastly there is a full layer of waterproof laminate.  The pads come packed in their own mesh laundry bag with six pads in a pack.

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